© Copyright Pietre Trovanti


CATEGORY: trovanti

PRODUCT: candle-holder

MATERIAL: Montorfano white granite, palissandro marble

FINITURA: smoothed, polished, raw


h.±22 l.±7*7 th. from ±4 to ±6

h.±32 l.±7*7 th. from ±4 to ±6

h.±32 l.±7*7 th.±16

AUTHOR: Ksenia Breivo + Pietre Trovanti


A double core drilling explores, extracts the material to leave space for the light.
A semi-circumference generates an intimate space in which the stone reflects, protects, welcomes the flame. In accordance with the identity of the material – from the block, to post-production leftovers – a collection of candleholders is outlined, with different heights, which have common characteristics and, at the same time, prove to be independent in expression from one another. Solaris is a material and luminous map that sustains the time of daily rituals.