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davide crippa ghigos - pietre trovanti

Davide Crippa

Davide Crippa, architect and designer, cofounder of the Ghigos studio, university professor who lives in Monza. He assisted Tiziana Scaciga with her project recycled stones.

josefina munoz - pietre trovanti

Josefina Muñoz

Argentinian designer who lives in Geneva, specialized in handcrafted and luxury products.

marta palmieri . pietre trovanti

Marta Palmieri

Artist and ceramist who lives in Ancona.

zaven - pietre trovanti


Zaven design studio, founded in 2006 by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno, is located in the Marghera ex-industrial area across from the Venice lagoon.


Saif Faisal

Saif Faisal’s design practice is rooted in sustainability, simplicity and his fascination for geometry. Designer based in India.

luca maria antonini - pietre trovanti

Luca Maria Antonini

Écrivain Publique


Teresa Carnuccio

Artist, based in Naples,  works with the ancient photographic technique of cyanotype.

Pietre Trovanti

tiziana scaciga - pietre trovanti

Tiziana Scaciga

Project conceiver

andrea scotton - pietre trovanti

Andrea Scotton

Production manager

moro - pietre trovanti

Moro Serizzo

The soul and the hands of Pietre Trovanti


carlo antonelli - pietre trovanti

Carlo Antonelli

Architect and researcher living in Ancona who collaborated with Pietre Trovanti in experimenting with new materials.

labanto - pietre trovanti


Studio based in Turin that makes handcrafted mirrors and collaborated with Pietre Trovanti in producing the mirrored parts of objects.

angelo oliboni - pietre trovanti

Angelo Oliboni

Artist in Verona who collaborated with Pietre Trovanti in developing colours for stone.

matthew broussard - pietre trovanti

Matthew Broussard

American artist who works with various materials – stone, wood, metals.

eleonora terrile - pietre trovanti

Eleonora Terrile

Communications consultant who lives in Milan. She has organised, in conjunction with Tiziana Scaciga, the Immaginifico workshops using discarded stones.


Simone Tacconi

Graphic designer. He collaborates with PT taking care of the graphics and the web, with the gentleness of a samurai.