© Copyright Pietre Trovanti


CATEGORY: trovanti

PRODUCT: dream holder, branch-holder

MATERIAL: palissandro marble

FINITURA: smoothed, raw, polished + cyanotype


Ø10 h.5 holes 2 Ø1  + 1  Ø 0,5

Ø8  h.5  holes 2 Ø1  + 1  Ø 0,5

AUTHOR: Pietre Trovanti + Teresa Carnuccio


We drill errant and asymmetrical matter. We keep the raw signature on the upper side. We drill again and we extract two oval shapes from a cylinder. One piece is divided into two and the two unite again into one. A dynamic movement, the dual expression of a single reality.  The cyanotype follows the lines of the stone, gently accompanying them in their becoming.

The cyanotype technique applied to palissandro marble creates ever-changing colours. Unique.