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CATEGORY: trovanti

PRODUCT: monoflower vase, cactus pot, petals holder

MATERIAL:  palissandro marble classico, eclisseo silver black

FINISHING: smooth, natural split


h. ± 27 cm, w. ± 10 cm,  Ø 2, 2 cm

h. ± 19 cm, w. ± 13 cm, Ø 2,2 cm

h. ± 8 cm, w. ± 17 cm,  Ø 4 e 5 cm

AUTHOR: Ghigos


Variazioni was created as a necessary and almost involuntary homage to the vases of Angelo Mangiarotti.

There are fundamental and essential differences between our collection and Mangiarotti’s. Firstly, raw materials: in our case, scrap stone and in his, the most desirable cuts. Secondly, manufacturing: our vases are the result of the simple, ordinary processing that we call core-drilling, while his are the result of the use of refined CNC machines. The craftsmanship of our artisans and the enhancement of imperfection stands in contrast to industrial repetitiveness and the pursuit of perfection. Making use of waste stone from the manufacturing process, the Satelliti collection is always produced manually.

In Variazioni the how, the sense and the significance of the object have the clear upper hand over its pure form: we departed from a common shore and now find ourselves quite far from Mangiarotti. Our journey has carried us to opposite poles: difficult to find heterozygote twins more different than our homozygote ones.