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radical game

CATEGORY: trovanti

PRODUCT: coffee table, side table

MATERIAL:  eclisseo silver black

FINISHING: smooth, natural split

TALL: h. 54 cm, Ø 45 cm, t. 1,5 cm

LOW: h. 41 cm,  Ø 50 cm, t. 1,5 cm

SMALL: h. 51 cm, Ø 33 cm, t. 1,5 cm

WEIGHT: TALL 35 kg, LOW 40 kg, SMALL 25 kg

AUTHOR: Josefina  Muñoz


A collection of tables of various heights and dimensions. An industrial design project in many aspects, it pushes the use of stone offcuts to its limits, using material that is broken, rough, cracked, and irregular in every way.