© Copyright Pietre Trovanti

radical game serizzo

CATEGORY: trovanti

PRODUCT: coffeetable, side table, vide-poche

MATERIAL:  serizzo

FINISHING: smooth, raw, polished


TALL: h.37 l.54 sp.3

LOW: h.31 l.54 sp.3

change tray:

Ø20 h.5

WEIGHT: TALL 35 kg, LOW 40 kg

AUTHOR: Josefina  Muñoz + raw signature Pietre Trovanti


The mineral lines, wonderful custodians of the slow passage of geological time. The aesthetic-material research behind the design aims to exploit the raw, natural stone, revealing its hidden potential, implied in the visible stratifications, as well as in the invisible sedimentations of the rocks. The result is a one-of-a-kind collection of coffee tables of different heights, composed of a circular table top and a vertical system of legs made from interlocking core cuts. On the edges of the table top, raw portions alternate irregularly with hand-finished parts which soften the roughness.
An interplay of shapes transliterates that which is considered a chromatic alteration in the key part of the design.

The chromatic key therefore becomes an active subject, searching for and exploring it. It reveals it.