© Copyright Pietre Trovanti


CATEGORY: trovanti


MATERIAL: palissandro marble classico, eclisseo silver black

FINISHING: smooth, polished, raw


h.27 l.8 L.8 Ø2 d.20

h.23 l.8 L.8 Ø4 d.17

AUTHOR: Pietre Trovanti


Vase for botanical compositions.

In Mater the movements of matter, of thought, of the hands come together in a continuity of meanings and workmanship. The object becomes a narrative expedient emerging from the stone. In a reciprocal exchange, the irregular joins and alternates with soft smoothness. The roughness fecundates the delicacy, nourishes it and vice versa.

With this collection we are repurposing irregular blocks of various sizes and types of fractures: the core normally discarded during processing.