© Copyright Pietre Trovanti


CATEGORY: trovanti

PRODUCT: egg-cup

MATERIAL:  eclisseo silver black

FINISHING: polished, smooth, raw

DIMENSION (cm): ± Ø14 t.±1,5

AUTHOR: Pietre Trovanti


As a child, I helped my grandmother with the chickens. When I entered the henhouse, I experienced two emotions: a was a little afraid, because they were unpredictable, and I was terribly curious. Later, my father Alvise continued this family tradition, raising chickens in an authentic and original way (I think that only our hens were raised listening to the Italian cultural radio station Radio 3, something which he really never did).

The Alvise egg holder combines authenticity, naturalness, and eccentricity. The defining aspects of our henhouse.

Technically it’s a fractured block, from which we obtain cylinders that are cut into slices into which we drill holes.