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Jill Mathis | Visionary Women

Jill Mathis | Visionary Women

The  scenario of our laboratory opened to the poetic and artistic vision of Jill Mathis.

Saturday 26th of March, at 4 pm at the Teatro Nuovo in Cannobio, inaugurates the first stage of ‘Visionary Women‘ artistic and social project. The exhibition by Jill Mathis enhances the work of twelve women through an artistic approach.

The artist’s photographic shots express complex and augmented realities, in which the everyday tool, the hidden detail or the smallest detail become a work of art. Her personal style creates a close and indivisible relationship between photographic art and industrial objects, guiding the search for beauty in finished products, as well as in the production process, highlighting the gears or particular mechanical forms.


The exhibition venues:

Cannobio, Parasi (Saturday 26 March – Monday 18 April)

Verbania, Villa Giulia (Saturday 30 April – Sunday 29 May)

Santa Maria Maggiore, Palazzo Mandamentale (Thursday 2 June – Sunday 19 June)

Mergozzo, Antica Latteria (Thursday 30 June – Sunday 24 July)

Ghiffa, Sala Panizza-Brunitoio (Saturday 30 July – Sunday 14 August)

Omegna, Forum (Saturday 10 September – Sunday 2 October 2022)

Domodossola, La Motta exhibition hall (Saturday 8 October – Sunday 13 November 2022)


Project in collaboration with: Rete Museale Alto Verbano


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